Wahoos 2020 season update


    The last 15 hours have been very informative, to say the least! 😯 

    Decision 1: Last night was a whirlwind for the MHSL (Moutain High Swim League) meeting. A last-minute decision at the end of the meeting canceled the 2020 MHSL season. 😢 We are all crushed!! The good news is we are part of a larger district so MHSLs canceling wasn't catastrophic, just very disappointing. 

    Decision 2: This morning SSPRD canceled all swim teams for the summer. The variables are too numerous to comprehend with so much uncertainty. With over 120 swimmers registered for the season already, we know there is a HUGE desire to get our kiddos in the water. If/when the mandate allows for it, SSPRD may be able to come up with something for our swimmers, but it will not be a team as we have become to know it. 

    There is a chance that if the mandates allow it, we can come up with something to do in the water. We won't know anything until late May and will pass along any programs SSPRD and the Board come up with as soon as we know it. 

    Tim Logan, with SSPRD, will be reaching out to all of those currently registered to let them know and full refunds will be issued by next week (it takes time to process 120+ refunds). 

    Routine, sports, socialization, etc are all so very important and we are acutely aware of the need for kids to resume some normalcy. 

    Please know, the Wahoos Board and SSPRD are committed to doing anything we can to get kids in the water, safely. 

    Thank you all for understanding and I hope to come back to you with some good news in the next month,

    Julie Gooden

    President, Cook Creek Wahoos

    [email protected]

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