Wahoos Week In Review #1

    Hello, Wahoos!!!

    The weather has been phenomenal for our first week!! So glad to see all the swimmers and happy faces! The summer swim family is BAAAACK!

    First of all, this is the first of 2 emails today. I will cover all the non-June 5th meet information here and then you will receive an email covering the June 5th meet in detail after this. Hopefully, this will result in more people reading BOTH emails. 😁

    Masks at the pool

    Masks for vaccinated persons are optional but required for unvaccinated. This means those unvaccinated should be wearing their masks in the gate and down to the pool. I understand for swimmers, most kids get in the pool once and hardly get out during practice. If immediately following their practice they can re-apply their masks, that would be great. We have a responsibility to follow SSPRD rules. We have a great relationship with them and would like to keep it that way. Thank you ALL for your help in doing so!

    Chipotle Fundraiser, June 1st

    Help our Wahoo swimmers and give yourself a break from cooking by checking out Chipotle for a quick and easy dinner! Please use code JATNCBQ to give Wahoo's credit for your purchase when ordering online. In addition, you must mention the fundraiser before checking out if you are in-person ordering. Thank you so much for your support!! If the weather holds, we will be having a Wahoos family picnic with our Chipotle food at Sweetwater Park. Grab your dinner and head to Sweetwater for some great team fun!

    Mock Meet, June 2nd, 5pm

    We need your RSVPs ASAP. This includes spouses and siblings not on the team. I said we were taking them until next week, but I was recently corrected that we need to let the pizza place know by Saturday (TOMORROW!), how many pizzas we need. In addition, IF you have dairy-free or gluten-free needs, please note this in the comments of your RSVP so we can accommodate.

    Apparel Steph will have MI Sports apparel orders ready at the Mock Meet for pick up.

    Towel Orders Towel orders will be taken up until Saturday, June 6. We still have a few left if you were considering ordering.

    Cancellation Date

    Please note that the LAST day to get a refund for the season is Sunday, May 30th. This is for our Booster fees and SSPRD. We try to give ample time for kids to try out practice and make sure they are happy with their choice.

    Thank you all and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. May we all remember why this holiday exists and give thanks to those who never came home. ❤

    Julie Gooden

    President, Cook Creek Wahoos

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