June 5th Meet Info

    Wahoo for the Wahoos!

    Saturday, June 5th is our first meet of the season!! It will be an IN-PERSON meet! We are thrilled to be able to bring you a glimpse of a "normal" season.

    Please read all the information below, even if you are a seasoned swim parent, as some things have changed (did anyone else hear the voicemail instructions in your head? "Please listen as the full menu as options have changed?" Ok, just me!).

    Spectators For this meet only, only one spectator may accompany your swimmer to the meet due to capacity restrictions. If you have 2 swimmers, you may have 2 spectators attend. Yes, if you have 4 swimmers, 4 spectators may attend. Wristbands will be given out (and can be handed off if you split a meet with another parent). We will be asking for everyone's cooperation. This was a condition we agreed to in order to hold this meet. Please note, this includes siblings NOT on the team. For example, if you only have one child swimming for the team and you are attending the meet with them, you can not also bring their siblings who are not swimming on the team. In addition, please only stand around the pool deck while your swimmer is competing. Return to your family's lawn area when the event is complete. Keeping the pool deck capacity down is our goal.

    Live Streaming We know spouses, siblings, and extended family are missing a lot not attending this meet. We will be live streaming this meet on FB. Please join our FB group (Cook Creek Wahoos Swim Team) to get notified when we go live. Here is a link to the FB group.

    Masks Same as practice, please.

    Masks for vaccinated persons are optional but required for unvaccinated. This means those unvaccinated should be wearing their masks in the gate and down to the pool. I understand, for swimmers, it’s likely going to result in wet masks as they need to wear them to the chairs behind the blocks and immediately re-apply after their race until they make it back to their family area. Bring several masks so you have dry ones! We have a responsibility to follow SSPRD rules. We have a great relationship with them and would like to keep it that way. Thank you ALL for your help in doing so!

    MEET REGISTRATION - Meet registration will open Sunday, May 30th at 8am and close Tuesday night at 8pm. Please set a reminder to register! Every swimmer / parent on the team needs to login and declare whether your swimmer will attend Saturday's meet or not. If you are participating in the meet, please work with your swimmer and choose up to three individual events. Also, let the Coach know whether or not your swimmer will be available to swim in relays (one set of relays are in the early part of the meet and one in the latter section of the meet).

    If you are not attending the meet please go on the registration page and choose "Not Attending". It is important that we have a response from every swimmer. This ensures there is NO guesswork for the coaches. If you are not registered, then you will not be entered into the meet.

    To sign your child up for Saturday's meet you will need to login into the website. Hover over the "Schedules/Calendars" tab and pick "Events/Meets" off the list. Find the June 5thmeet on the list and click the green "Open" button to the right of it, under the "Attendees" column. Follow the instructions for each swimmer. Be sure to check the list that will be sent out towards the end of the week to verify your child was signed up for the meet.


    Follow the same instructions above, but click on "Job SignUp" and choose the volunteer shift you would like to take. Please keep in mind that there are a required number of shifts each family must complete for a season. If you can plan around vacations you already have scheduled, then please do so. Last-minute, end of the season, job assignments are not always possible.

    Friday Night (June 4) -Set up begins at 5:30pm. If you would like to set up a tent or mark a space with some chairs for Saturday's meet, you can enter the Cook Creek Pool area after 5:30pm to do so. Try to set up on the EAST side of the lawn (imagine a line drawn down the middle). We try to give visitors the West side. Please don't go into the pool area before 5:30pm as we need to set up the tents for the meet in certain places and you may occupy our set up space and then we have to move you. It adds to the meet set up time for everyone. This is a perk for the home team!

    In addition, this is not free entry to the pool, it's set up only. If you plan to swim (pool closes at 6pm), please pay at the pool office as you enter.

    Theme - HAWAIIAN Each meet we like to have a "theme" to make the meets more fun and interactive. Especially the dual meets! So if your child wants to dress the part, that would be fun!

    Warm Ups - Please arrive at 6:45am, swimmers need to be ready to jump in the pool at7:00am. As the host team, we take the first warm-up. This will provide enough time for you to check-in at the front Check-In Table, find a spot to sit, and locate and put on cap and goggles without feeling rushed and chaotic.

    Check In - Volunteers and Swimmers need to check-in at the Wahoos team table at the entrance to the pool. Relays- If your child is slotted to participate in the first relays of the meet (The Medley Relays, Events #5 - #14), PLEASE have them to the Heating Area by 7:50am. These relays start very quickly and gathering all the kids is not an easy task. We want our coaches coaching and cheering on our swimmers, we don't want them walking around looking for kids. Your help is greatly appreciated!!

    Meet Program - The Final Meet Program will be sent out on Friday, June 4th, so watch your Inbox.

    Concessions - Although many of you will bring your own snacks, we will have our awesome concession stand open at 7:15am. Santiago's breakfast burritos, coffee, snacks, and grilled burgers & hot dogs. Eat as much as you like, it's a great fundraiser for the team!

    If you all have any questions, especially our new families, know that we have just the people whose jobs it is to answer these questions and be your personal contacts for all the things I forgot to say. 😂

    Erin Brill

    [email protected]

    (262) 510-6381


    Beth Weber

    [email protected]

    (714) 469-9132

    Looking forward to the season, Wahoos!!!

    Julie Gooden

    President, Cook Creek Wahoos

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