Championship Tshirts


    For those planning to attend our combination Prelims/Championships meet(s) the week of July 12th-16th, MHSL would like to extend the Championships T-shirt ordering out to ALL of the league. That's right, since you do not have to be in the Top 16 this year to participate, everyone that attends is eligible to purchase a shirt. The Mountain High Swim League asked that I forward you all this email so you could get your orders in!

    Julie Gooden

    President, Cook Creek Wahoos

    "Hope everyone is getting excited for their first meet this weekend!! Even though we are just getting started, Championships and All-Stars will be here before you know it. This year we are using an online store for t-shirt sales for Championships. The link is included below and the store will be open from today til June 30th. Each person can purchase shirts for their swimmer (s), themselves or friends and family. The shirts will be printed in early July and distributed before the Championship meets. "

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