Meet Information

    Meet Against Wheatlands June 4th, 2022

    Saturday is our first meet of the 2022 season! Here is what you need to know!

    Location and Parking:

    Wheatlands Pool

    6601 S Wheatlands Pkwy

    Aurora, CO 80016

    Head East of E470 on Smoky Hill Road, turn left on South Ider Street. Go to stop sign

    and turn left onto Wheatlands Parkway. Pool is on your left.

    Please park in the pool parking lot or the school parking lot. Street parking is available on Wheatlands Pkwy past Euclid Place only to the North. Do not park on any side streets.

    Arrival Time: no later than 7:00 am

    Warm Up Time: 7:20 - 7:50 am

    Meet Start Time: 8:00 am

    Approximate Meet End Time: 1:45pm

    Swimmers - Get plenty of rest Friday night. Please arrive no later than 7am. All swimmers will need to be ready to jump in the pool at 7:20am. This will provide enough time for you to check in at the front Check In Table, find a spot to sit with our team and locate and put on your cap and goggles without feeling rushed. Your coaches will organize the swimmers into warm up lanes and will run the warm up. Be sure to stay hydrated on Saturday at the meet! Take extra water and gatorade, as well as extra snacks (fruit, granola bars, etc.)

    Check In - Volunteers and Swimmers need to check in at the table at the entrance to the pool. THEN find a place in the grassy area outside the pool area. NO WAHOOS SWIMMERS/SPECTATORS MAY ESTABLISH SEATING IN THE POOL AREA. You may enter the pool area to watch your swimmer.

    Relays - If your child is slotted to participate in the first relays of the meet (The Medley Relays), PLEASE have them to the Heating Area by 7:50am. These relays start very quickly and gathering all the kids is not an easy task. We want our coaches to be coaching and cheering on our swimmers and helping the new swimmers with nerves, we don't want them walking around looking for kids. Your help is greatly appreciated!!

    Meet Program - The Meet Program will be emailed to you all as soon as it is available. Please remember to highlight or circle your swimmers races. On Saturday, write your swimmer’s events, heats, and lanes on their arms with a sharpie (hint: write on swimmer’s arm after sunscreen has been applied!)

    Snacks - Although many of you will bring your own snacks, there will also be a snack bar with various drinks, bagels and donuts early and an array of snack food for later in the day. Wheatlands concessions is CASH ONLY.

    Disqualifications (DQ's) - These will happen tomorrow for the 7 yr olds and UP. It may be your child's first DQ, but please know, it's a learning curve and if you show them the "try, try again" attitude, they will come to practice and practice their stroke more and they won't make that mistake twice. The coaches will be available to explain any DQs, why they happened, and how to correct it next time. So please have your swimmers talk to their coaches about their DQ.

    Please remember that this is FUN! Bring your smiles, cheers, patience and positive attitude with you, it makes it all so much more fun!!

    Please email with any questions! Have fun and enjoy the meet on Saturday. Go Wahoos!

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