Prelim Info

    Things to know if you are attending prelims:

    •8 and Under and 13 and over have a 7:50am warmup. 

    •9/10 and 11/12 have a 3pm warmup. 

    •Smoky Hill High School is an indoor pool.

    •Teams will be assigned specific areas inside of Smoky Hill High School to sit together. It will be extremely crowded. Anyone is welcome to sit outside of the school. There is a grassy area located on the east side of the pool.
     •The pool bleachers will be for temporary seating only - no saved seats or permanent seating inside the pool area. 
    •Parking is only available on the South side of the school - enter through Laredo Street. The North parking lot (along Smoky Hill Road) is closed due to construction. 
    •Concessions will be limited and you will need to bring your own snacks/drinks.
     •Heat sheets will be posted on the wahoos website as soon as we receive them. 
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